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Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) – Promotes Massachusetts as both a leisure and business travel destination for domestic and international markets and to contribute to the growth of the Commonwealth’s economy. Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program (MassEDP) – Provides residents with a permanent disability access to the telephone network in their homes. Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) – Ensures the Commonwealth’s ability to rapidly recover from large and small disasters by assessing and mitigating hazards, enhancing preparedness, ensuring effective response, and building the capacity to recover. Provides timely information on severe weather and other events that may impact your safety and community.

  • Office of Fishing and Boating Access (FBA) – Provides boat and canoe access sites, shore fishing areas, and sport fishing piers at more than 275 locations on coastal waters, great ponds, and rivers throughout Massachusetts.
  • Board of Registration of Psychologists – Licenses qualified individuals to practice psychology and regulates that practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as defined by the statutes and described in the regulations.
  • Department of Labor Standards (DLS) – Promotes and protects workers‘ safety, health, wages, and working conditions, and supports employers and workers in the utilization of apprenticeship as a workforce development tool.
  • Juvenile Court Department – Owns general jurisdiction over delinquency, children in need of services, care and protection petitions, and youthful offender cases.
  • The World Bank focuses on poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards worldwide by providing low-interest loans, interest-free credit, and grants to developing countries for education, health, infrastructure, and communications, among other things.

Bureau of Infectious Disease – Strives to improve the quality of life of all Massachusetts residents through the elimination of communicable diseases. Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons – Regulates real estate schools and agent curriculum and contracts with a testing vendor to provide the agent examination. Seeks to protect consumers by exercising its authority to discipline those real estate agents who violate licensing laws and regulations.

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Your team can collaborate on GitHub by using an organization account, which serves as a container for your shared work and gives the work a unique name and brand. Gain unlimited access to more than 250 productivity Templates, CFI’s full course catalog and accredited Certification Programs, hundreds of resources, expert reviews and support, the chance to work with real-world finance and research tools, and more. As such, an organization needs to be designed in such a way that individuals and departments are able to coordinate their efforts. A firm’s life cycle is another essential factor to consider when setting up a company’s organization. Business owners who are trying to grow and expand their operations should choose a structure that allows for flexibility and smooth expansion. An organization or organisation (Commonwealth English; see spelling differences), is an entity—such as a company, an institution, or an association—comprising one or more people and having a particular purpose.

With affiliation badges and the affiliation tab, this makes it easy for visitors to click on the badge of an affiliate, arrive at the organization’s profile, and see all the other affiliated accounts in one place. In addition to gold checkmarks, businesses also receive a square avatar, clearly distinguishing them from other organizations. USAID harnesses the expertise and innovation of countless organizations across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to address development challenges with groundbreaking solutions. To simplify access management and enhance collaboration, you can create nested teams that reflect your group’s structure, with cascading access permissions and mentions.

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The same procedural requirements apply to revocations made by the Secretary of State as apply to designations. Once a target is identified, CT prepares a detailed “administrative record,” which is a compilation of information, typically including both classified and open sources information, demonstrating that the statutory criteria for designation have been satisfied. If the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury, decides to make the designation, Congress is notified of the Secretary’s intent to designate the organization and given seven days to review the designation, as the INA requires.


Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) – Provides opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and their families to enhance independence, productivity, and inclusion. Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW) – Helps advance women toward full equality in all areas of life and promotes rights and opportunities for all women. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) – Works to eliminate discrimination on a variety of bases and areas, and strives to advance the civil rights of the people of the Commonwealth through law enforcement, outreach, and training. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) – Provides public transportation for Greater Boston which consists of the commuter rail, buses, the subway system, and boats. Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) – Screens applicants for vacancies in public service such as a judge, clerk-magistrate, or recorder of the Land Court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLMC) – Encourages the parties to collective bargaining disputes involving municipalities and their police officers and fire fighters to agree directly on the terms of such agreements or on a procedure to resolve these disputes.

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As required by the Massachusetts Constitution, the House meets every 72 hours, year-round in either formal or informal session to consider legislation. The Massachusetts House is led by the Speaker of the House, who is elected by the members of the body at the beginning of each two-year legislative session. Home Care Assistance Program (HCAP) – Provides homemaker services to eligible adults with disabilities who are functionally limited in meeting their own nutritional and environmental needs. Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) – Provides secure and quality digital information, services, and tools to customers and constituents when and where they need them. Division of Prevention and Wellness – Supports change that creates and sustains healthy environments where people live, work, and play, and works to eliminate health disparities so that all Massachusetts residents reach their full potential to live long and live well. Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) – Develops and promulgates the Commonwealth’s rules and regulations governing commercial and recreational fishing and balances living marine resources with coastal culture.

Efficiently find organizations that will meet your goals and gain more valuable partnerships with GuideStar Pro. The Bureau of Counterterrorism in the State Department (CT) continually monitors the activities of terrorist groups active around the world to identify potential targets for designation. When reviewing potential targets, CT looks not only at the actual terrorist attacks that a group has carried out, but also at whether the group has engaged in planning and preparations for possible future acts of terrorism or retains the capability and intent to carry out such acts. The World Trade Organization is a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements, and a place where member governments try to sort out the trade problems they face with each other. The World Meteorological Organization facilitates the free international exchange of meteorological data and information and the furtherance of its use in aviation, shipping, security, and agriculture, among other things.

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Hazardous Materials Division – Provides specialized response of personnel and equipment to the 351 communities of the Commonwealth to protect the public, the environment, and property during incidents involving a release or potential release of hazardous materials. Essex District Attorney – Prosecutes criminal offenses that occur within the cities and towns of Essex County. Energy Facilities Siting Board (Siting Board) – Licenses the construction of major energy infrastructure in Massachusetts, including large power plants, electric transmission lines, natural gas pipelines, and natural gas storage facilities.


Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) – Administers the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program, which provides temporary assistance to unemployed Massachusetts workers. Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a temporary income protection program for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are able to work, available for work, and looking for employment. Cape and Islands District Attorney – Prosecutes over 15,000 criminal cases every year; serves the public, and seeks justice in an aggressive and fair manner on behalf of the victims of crime.

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) – Manages major public building construction and real estate services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) – Promotes, develops, and services registered apprenticeship programs in Massachusetts. Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) – Assists and empower low-income individuals and families to meet their basic needs, achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency, and improve their quality of life.

  • These include dining, parking, athletic, bookstore, and other student activity facilities.
  • Our priority is to address the skills gap to meet the needs of businesses and workers so that all people can thrive in our highly skilled economy.
  • Bureau of Public Health Facilities – Provides acute and chronic hospital medical care to individuals for whom community facilities are not available or access to health care is restricted.
  • UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To simplify access management and enhance collaboration, you can create nested teams that reflect your group’s structure, with cascading access permissions and mentions.
  • State Board of Retirement – Administers the Massachusetts State Employees’ Retirement System for state employees and certain other employees of public entities.

Most firms that take on this organizational structure often have two chains of command – functional and project managers. The idea behind this organizational structure is to reduce bureaucracy and empower employees to make decisions, become creative problem solvers, and take responsibility for their actions. Since there are minimal or no levels of middle management, a company that adopts this structure can end up being more productive by speeding up the decision-making processes. Office of HIV/AIDS – Strives to promote full access to services for persons most at risk for HIV infection, and those living with HIV/AIDS. Services range from prevention and education to HIV testing, client services, health and support services.

Massachusetts Economic Development & Finance Agency (MassDevelopment) – Stimulates business, drives economic growth, and helps communities thrive across Massachusetts. Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) – Provides the highest quality rehabilitation and social services leading to independence and full community inclusion for the blind. Group Insurance Commission (GIC) – Provides high value health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth’s employees, retirees, and their survivors and dependents. Many of these benefits are also offered to a number of authorities, participating municipalities, and other entities. Governor’s Commission on Intellectual Disability – Examines the quality and comprehensiveness of the Commonwealth’s program of services designed to address the wide variety of needs of people with intellectual disability.

Registry of Deeds Division – Receives and records deeds and other instruments concerning titles to land, creating an index to locate land records. Probate and Family Court Department – Has jurisdiction over family-related matters such as divorce, paternity, child support, custody, visitation, adoption, termination of parental rights, and abuse prevention. Office of the Governor – The Governor is the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, and alongside the Lieutenant Governor and members of the administration, continually works to make Massachusetts a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Office of Fishing and Boating Access (FBA) – Provides boat and canoe access sites, shore fishing areas, and sport fishing piers at more than 275 locations on coastal waters, great ponds, and rivers throughout Massachusetts. Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO) – Carries out the Governor’s mandate to ensure practices of non-discrimination and equal opportunity and delivers customer-focused solutions in attracting, hiring, retaining, and promoting a diverse workforce within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MassHousing – Supports the creation, preservation, and long-term viability of affordable home ownership and rental housing opportunities for Massachusetts residents with modest incomes.

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