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This leads to patients being able to “plan their work” and “work their plan”. To protect the privacy of fellow patients, cellphone and laptop use are prohibited in common areas. We understand that being admitted to treatment is an overwhelming adjustment in itself, and taking away personal electronics can make a guest feel disconnected and isolated.

Considering most facilities do not provide much in the way of gym equipment, they are not likely to provide any personal training or customized nutrition plans. Many of our patients who have participated in our boxing and fitness programs continue their training after they have completed our programs and returned home. Men, women, young, old, and the physically challenged all get significant benefits from the mental, emotional, and physical release that boxing training provides. Boxing training has been linked to better sleep patterns, lessened anxiety, as well as feeling more alert. WhiteSands is the only rehab to provide professional boxers and coaches to work with patients and is an optional feature of our program. WhiteSands Treatment has a team of highly-qualified addiction therapists, counselors, and specialists who are experts in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery.

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In other cases, medication is used to help reduce cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and help prevent relapse. This is sometimes referred to as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and is mostly used to treat addiction to opioids, heroin, prescription pain relievers, and alcohol. Medication is typically used in combination with other treatment approaches, like therapy and self-care. We offer inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for members with more severe problems with alcohol or drugs.

There may be some days when you discuss the same topics that you discussed the previous day while there may be other days that you feel as though you need to focus more on talking about yourself and your own recovery. A member of our team can speak with you more about what you can expect when you make your initial phone call to us. When you come to The Source for treatment, one of the things that we always caution our clients to do is to keep an open mind throughout the process. Due to the fact that you will be trying to work through different traumatic events in your life, it’s understandable that you may feel a number of emotions that you have never felt before. Although these emotions may feel painful or scary, we strongly encourage you to communicate with us throughout the process and to remain open to the lessons that you will undoubtedly learn while you are with us.

We Provide opportunities for people to discover hope and live their God-given destiny.

Still, others began to rely on drinking to help them cope with a high-stress job. White Sands was a beautiful and well-maintained treatment center. I have nothing but positive words about the staff, the facility is beautiful and their treatment plans for residents helped save my life. I would recommend anyone who is struggling to seek treatment with this company. Excellent care overall with assistance through every step along the way including aftercare and even temporary housing for those that need it. It’s daunting trying to find a decent treatment center but they make it easy as possible to get the care you need.

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